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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Hotels Nationwide.™

Hotels Nationwide is an online and on mobile, U.S. based, global meta-search technology company, that not only provides users convenient-centralized ways to search for travel, compare products and select their own prices, but also provides opportunities, as well as emergency room-and-board to America's Former Foster Children.

Whatever your accommodations, whether hotels, airline flights, car rentals, limousines, and all-included trips at Hotels Nationwide™ we guarantee to have what you’re looking for, no matter where you’re coming from or going to.

For the best hotel selection worldwide and the power to book on terms you decide, experience the difference at Hotels Nationwide.™

When you visit Hotels Nationwide, you’ll find savings on all hotels, star-ratings, room types as well as hotel event space, to name a few. We offer multiple hotel accommodations to include:

• Commercial Hotels 
• Economy Hotels 
• Resort Hotels 
• Casino Hotels 
• Airport Hotels 
• Extended Stay Hotels 
• Conference Centers and more! 

Hotels Nationwide™ is a MāynMarc Enterprise founded at the vision of Maynard J. Galloway, which features over 
200,000 hotels anywhere nationwide and across the globe. 

Brothers and Former Foster Children Maynard J. Galloway, Owner, President & General Manager and Marcus T. Galloway, Chief Digital Officer & Senior Vice-President of Operations strives to help create opportunities for former foster children.



The vision of Hotels Nationwide™ is to be a partner in the industry as the number one site for booking hotels and give-back to The Foster Care Aware of America foundation, a nonprofit charity for America's former foster children.   


The mission of Hotels Nationwide™ is to correspond to the diverse hotel accommodation needs of travelers across the globe through the use of technology and partnerships. In addition, the Hotels Nationwide™ mission is to maintain a world-class booking engine, engineered to deliver the pinnacle of centralized convenience to the users it serves, scale and give-back to America's Former Foster Children.  

Company Facts 

• Agency Name: Hotels Nationwide
• Owner: Maynard J. Galloway  
• Founded: 2013 
• Headquartered: San Antonio, Texas 
• Industry: Hotel Lodging 
• Enrollment: Projected, 1 Million 
• Qualifications: Online User Based  
• Target Market: U.S. & Canada 
• Employee’s: Under 50 
• Colors: Light Orange, Navy Blue, 
• Purple and Black 
• Mascot: Mr. Hotels Nationwide 
• Song: You Decide with Hotels Nationwide 


The values statement of Hotels Nationwide™ are the core guiding principles, which govern the way we do business and serve to make it possible for our agency to deliver operational excellence. 

Here’s to the company core values of Hotels Nationwide, which we call our dose of 10’cc’s.
• Customer Appreciation 
• Company Enjoyment 
• Culturato 
• Certitude 
• Competency 
• Compliance 
• Communication 
• Courage 
• Company Partnerships 
• Career Advancement 


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